2nd International Summer School on:

INtelligent Signal Processing for FrontIEr Research and Industry


July 14th-25th, 2014

Paris Diderot University, Paris



on the complete signal processing for 21st Century Instruments, for Master's, Ph.D students & Postdocs in Physics and Engineering from institutes worldwide.


Astrophysics - Medical Physics - Particle Physics - Technologies


Building up on the large success of the inaugural school held in Oxford in July 2013 [1,2], this is the second of a new global programme of annual Summer schools covering the complete signal processing chain for building up 21st century instruments.


The focus is on the most advanced technologies in the fields of semiconductors, very deep submicron and 3D technologies, nanotechnology, advanced packaging and interconnects, telecommunications, real-time signal processing, filtering and massive parallel computing. The school will provide lectures and Lab work in a variety of cross-disciplinary example applications drawn from the exploration of distant Universe, through Medical imaging of the human body, to exploration of the elementary particle world. Lectures on technical developments and science overviews will be given by experts from Academia and Industry, alongside with hands-on Lab sessions with demonstrators and subject specific master-classes on science & technology.


The series of Labs, classes with exercises computer-based and the specific master-classes will serve as support and complementary training to the lectures. They will promote exchanges, collaborative and friendly efforts between the students and the lecturers and tutors.


The target audience is M.Sc., Ph.D.and young postdoc-level engineers and physicists. Indeed the aim of this school is also to bring together the new generation of young engineers and researchers and opened each community to know each other through training sessions combining the most advanced high technological world with the frontier exploration research world especially in Astrophysics and Particle Physics. Research and Industrial fields have to get more and more used to work in close collaboration. This is essential to remain or to get at the forefront of the advanced and highly educated world.


This series of schools will be held in a University Campus in a different country each year.


The outline programme of the school can be accessed by clicking here



[1] See the website of the inaugural school held in Oxford, July 1-16, 2013.


[2] See article in the CERN Courrier, Volume 53, Number 10, December 2013, on page 19: New series of summer schools starts in Oxford